Flushing Brake Fluid

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Apr 26 21:32:23 EDT 2003

I've always thought the best way to flush the system was to use a pressure
bleeder and just run a pint or so of fluid out of each bleeder.

At 05:45 PM 04/26/2003 -0600, Steve Sherman wrote:
>Started in on flushing the brake fluid and did not get too far.  Thought
>I'd begin by emptying the res as bes I could with an old turkey baster.
>Only problem is I could not figure a way to get the filter screen out,
>to get access to the fluid.  Does that filter screen assembly come out
>of the res tank?  If so, can someon let me on the secret of how to do it.
>If not, I assume one drains the res by separating it from the master
>cyl.  If that's the case, does one usually need new grommets to reattach
>the res?
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