Banjo Bolt on Rack

Rakesh Brennig rakeshbrennig at
Sun Apr 27 21:13:31 EDT 2003

Thank you all for your feedback.  Sadly I should have written in before
beginning the task. Well I tried a few more times to remove the bolt, but
noticing that the bolt had some shine on it, I stopped.  I took the car to
the mechanic on Friday and was told the bolt was too damaged to remove
easily.  The mechanic said it would be far easier to chisel it off next
week.  So I am waiting and filling up on Pentosin every evening.  Gosh, now
I know why people complain about the price.

I have had thoughts of using liquid steel and sacrificing my 19mm socket to
get at the bolt again - it might give me the required grip on the head of
the bolt. Would that make chiselling more difficult?  The mechanic has time
for the car this Wednesday.


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