No Power

Mon Apr 28 11:46:00 EDT 2003

I went to move my 1991 Audi wagon (105000 miles) out of the garage.  I
haven't used it for a few weeks.  It didn't start.  No power, not even
the clock on the dashboard.  I attached jumper cables and tried again.
Power this time, clicking and turning, but no starting.  I pushed it out
of the garage to have better access to the engine compartment.  This
time I connected a battery charger to the positive post and engine
block.  Nothing.  No clock, no heater controls.  No power at all.
Double-checked power to charger, connections to engine, etc.  Any
suggestions?  I'm thinking that the fusible-link / battery cable went
bad.  Too much power surging through the system from prolonged cranking
attempts?  Other ideas?

As always - thanks in advance.


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