7A ex cam

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The consensus on the s-car list, seems to me, is that the 7A cam is
a good cam for high end pull. It has more lift than the RS2 exhaust
cam. But, the bottom end suffers and there may be issues with too
much overlap causing higher than normal EGT. I also read that one
lister thought the fuel mileage was very poor with the 7A and he was
switching to the RS2.

If you can pick one up used its probably worth the effort to try it,
given the price of an RS2 exhaust cam.

2 Canadian cents, cheers, Mike

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I've heard the 7A exhaust cam may be an upgrade when used in the 3B and I'm curious where this notion came from.  Has anybody dyno tested using the different cams?  Does anybody know that the lobes are cut to produce better power in the 3B?  If so why wouldn't Audi have used it?  Did it sacrifice low end for high end?  My recollection is the 7A motor is pretty gutless down low - here in Denver around 5200 ft at least.  I'm in the process of putting a 3B together for installation into my '84 urq and will have the opportunity to use the 7A cam if I choose.  All input appreciated.



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