Beat-up Audi 200QT for sale...good parts car

Christoper 'Han' Tucker tucker at
Tue Apr 29 18:02:30 EDT 2003

1991 Audi Quattro 200 Turbo

All wheel drive, five speed, pearl paint, 5-cylindar engine. Runs but
needs lots of work. This could be a good parts car. 160,000 miles on the

Best offer.

What's wrong with this car:

*	Car was hit in the front and rear from two different accidents,
one in 1998 and another in 2000. The vehicle was repaired both times, but
the repairs were less-than exemplary. :(
*	Dangerous carbon monoxide leak coming from exhaust fumes being
backdrafted from the trunk area. I believe this is a result of the
aforementioned second accident in which the car was rearended by a semi
going about 10mph. I get readings of 25-60 parts-per-million of CO in the
trunk area that have been measured by a portable CO meter. The CO will
eventually make its way into the main cabin. it's best to drive with the
windows up and the vents on. The problem is worse with the windows down.
The car can be driven safely if it is ventilated during stops.
*	Paint is three shades of pearl due to the two above accidents. :(
*	Ventilation motor is non-functioning. AC and heat work, but only a
draft of the hot/cold air comes through the vents while driving.
*	During cold starts, it will often take two or three 10-second
starter runs to start the car. The car always starts, however. The problem
goes away in cold weather - go figure.
*	Low oil warning light has been coming on the past 100,000 miles.
Mechanics say nothing is wrong with it. Go figure. I think if it were
really serious, something would have blown up by now.
*	Suspension feels mushy.
*	Right front headlight glass is cracked.
*	Stereo and speakers no longer work.
*	Front and rear bumpers are not lined up properly. See point one.
*	Drivers seat has a 3-inch rip in the leather.
*	Coolant temperature gauge non-functional.

Everything else on the car is fine. Timing belt was replaced around
120,000 miles, two wheel bearings have been replaced. Oil has been changed

If interested, email me at tucker at

-Chris Tucker.

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