Trim Clips

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Apr 30 13:13:27 EDT 2003

At 11:26 AM -0400 4/30/03, George Sidman wrote:
>Available from Didi at Carlsen. When installing, clip off the
>plug and push it into the back of the clip.

What you've recommending ("clip off the plug") seems to defeat the
_purpose_ of the little "plug" (which is to secure the clip more firmly in
the mounting hole). The procedure I've followed is to insert the clip and
then force the plug back until it is flush. This is not a particularly easy
thing to do because of the friction and the tiny size. A little saliva
applied as lubricant followed by a very firm push against the plug with a
smooth, flat tool can usually get it done. I admit it _is_ tempting to just
discard the little plug altogether, but I've assumed that the clip would
then be too loose. Have I just been making things overly difficult for
myself? --wouldn't be the first time ;-)


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