Amazingly Large repair estimate...

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Apr 30 13:22:37 EDT 2003

At 11:54 AM 04/30/2003 -0400, Zoot531 at wrote:

>    I wanted to get your input on the rates being quoted to me by a local
> mechanic.  I brought my car in to be checked out in three different
> areas, the brakes were malfunctioning, the car would not hold a charge
> for more than a few hours, and the right rear window would not roll
> up.  I dropped it off yesterday, and just this morning he called me and
> told me that
>A.  The car needs a new brake bomb and that parts and labor for that would
>run around $625
>B. That the care needs a new alternator at about $465
>and C. that the right rear window regulator is shot and would cost 365 to fix.
>This comes to a total of around $1455 which is roughly 30% of what i paid
>for the car.  Anyone have any i being fleeced here?  I've heard
>of people doing all of these things on their own at home, any BTDT on part
>prices and how long it took you to fix it?

Did you ask this guy what his shop rate is (and, possibly whether helping
him buy a new boat gives you a free ride for going fishing)?

A new bomb is somewhere around $250.  It's not easy to replace on the
200q20v, but it shouldn'g cost close to $400 in labor.   Maybe 1-2 hours
for an experienced mechanic.  I'm replacing mine when I have the front end
apart to do the timing belt.  I'm going to rebuild my power steering pump
and replace the radiator and coolant plumbing at that time, so I figure
getting to the bomb then would be easiest.

I've removed my alternator and had a Bosch repair shop overhaul it for
about $175.   Taking it out is a touch tricky, but not too hard for us
shade-tree types.

I've not tackled the window regulators, but there are all sorts of postings
you'll find on the subject if you do a Google search of

I'm guessing your problems would cost me ~$1000 less than the estimate you got.

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