Amazingly Large repair estimate...

David Head v8q at
Wed Apr 30 14:46:30 EDT 2003

You can get an alternator for anywhere from 100-200 dollars. Install is
about an hour. If the battery is flat, but you can jump start it and
drive it, the problem is your battery, not the alternator.
You can get a used regulator for the window from under 50.00, install is
about an hour. - try Chris Semple at Force 5 Auto (also a good place for
a used alternator).  It may not be the regulator either.
A new brake bomb is about 250.00, install is about 1/2 an hour - but
also may not be the source of your brake malfunction.

Also, consider getting a new mechanic, and get your car back...
Depending on where you are located, you may be able to find a decent one
that won't rip you off unmercifully.

Zoot531 at wrote:

>   I wanted to get your input on the rates being quoted to me by a local mechanic.  I brought my car in to be checked out in three different areas, the brakes were malfunctioning, the car would not hold a charge for more than a few hours, and the right rear window would not roll up.  I dropped it off yesterday, and just this morning he called me and told me that
>A.  The car needs a new brake bomb and that parts and labor for that would run around $625
>B. That the care needs a new alternator at about $465
>and C. that the right rear window regulator is shot and would cost 365 to fix.
>This comes to a total of around $1455 which is roughly 30% of what i paid for the car.  Anyone have any i being fleeced here?  I've heard of people doing all of these things on their own at home, any BTDT on part prices and how long it took you to fix it?
>Thanks in advance,
>Adam Chinchiolo
>'91 200q20v sedan...has seen MUCH better days.
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