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Do _not_ clip off the plug!  The chrome trim clip p/n you want is 447 853 674
C; got a bag in front of me.  They become embrittled with time.  The "plug"
spoken of comes already inserted into the clip; there is no flash.  Once the
clip is inserted into the hole, you just push the "plug" home from the front
side.  I've _carefully_ and _gently_ used a screwdriver and a plastic mallet,
which overcomes the inherent 'stiction'; it requires no lubrication.  This
design is essentially a "push rivet".


David Brill

> At 12:13 PM 4/30/2003 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:
> >At 11:26 AM -0400 4/30/03, George Sidman wrote:
> >>Available from Didi at Carlsen. When installing, clip off the
> >>plug and push it into the back of the clip.
> >
> >What you've recommending ("clip off the plug") seems to defeat the
> >_purpose_ of the little "plug" (which is to secure the clip more firmly in
> >the mounting hole). The procedure I've followed is to insert the clip and
> >then force the plug back until it is flush. This is not a particularly easy
> >thing to do because of the friction and the tiny size. A little saliva
> >applied as lubricant followed by a very firm push against the plug with a
> >smooth, flat tool can usually get it done. I admit it _is_ tempting to just
> >discard the little plug altogether, but I've assumed that the clip would
> >then be too loose. Have I just been making things overly difficult for
> >myself? --wouldn't be the first time ;-)
> >
> >Phil
> >
> >
> >Phil Rose
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> Phil:

> I think what George meant is when you get the new clips, the plugs are held on
> with "flash".
> They need to be removed from the clip, the clip needs to be installed, then the
> plug needs to be inserted from the rear.
> Correct George?
> -peter
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