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Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 1 01:03:01 EDT 2003

Does the pump come with all that is needed to install it?
*** Definitely not ***

What does it take partswise to get the new style installed?
*** Unawareness that it's less expensive and less work to
replace the old pump with another original-style one ***

It looks like just the pump and a hose.
*** It's not.  You'll also need new seals for all connections,
a new plastic housing that the newer-style/narrower pump fits
into (The Family Album for the 200 says to use a plastic bushing
to fit the newer pump into the original housing, but that is
INCORRECT. Follow the V8 section of the Album if you're going
to convert (i.e. don't use the bushing; instead, replace the
entire housing with the one from the dealer for the smaller

... the check valve? Does it come with the pump
*** no ***
or is it external to the tank?
*** no; it screws onto the top of the banjo fitting that fits
onto the top of the old-style pump *** (and I vaguely recall
that some piece of Audi documentation says it's not necessary
any longer, but I don't recall any mention of what to replace
it with to hold the banjo fitting onto the pump.)

I did my fuel pump last year and if I had to do it over again,
I'd buy a new original-style pump from Rod @ Parts Connection
or Scott at SJM.  It's way less expensive than all the parts
necessary to correctly convert to the new pump.  One source
had the old pump for only a few dollars more than the newer
one (read without including the cost of the additional parts
required to convert to the new one).

The old-style is not available from dealers but its
aftermarket price varies greatly so call around.

Ukiah, CA

PS: I did a writeup about this last year but I'm not sure I
knew all the details at the time.  You might need the special
tool to release the housing that holds the pump, and if it's
very tight you can use one of those "socket cap" tool sets
from Sears or a Napa dealer to turn the tool, since you can't
get a ratchet onto the tool because the slanted top of the gas
tank gets in the way.

PPS: The fuel pump writeup at Chris' site is helpful but not
fully correct, with all due respect.  I owe the list a full
writeup on all these details when I get around to it.

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