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At 12:03 AM -0700 8/1/03, Steve Scalmanini wrote:
>Does the pump come with all that is needed to install it?
>*** Definitely not ***
>What does it take partswise to get the new style installed?
>*** Unawareness that it's less expensive and less work to
>replace the old pump with another original-style one ***

Well, I don't know about the expense difference, but IMHO there's a
trivial amount of additional "work"; it consists of about 10 minutes
needed to crimp on a new electrical connector. Oh, and the work to
locate a 5 mm nut. To quote from my write-up (on Chris Miller's site):
>>  The
>>new pump's electrical fittings (fine-thread studs) were _not_ the same size
>>as on the old pump. I had to make a special trip to Home Depot to find a 5
>>mm nut, inasmuch as Bosch does not see fit to provide their $200 pump with
>>the nuts for these studs. Also, one of the wire connectors from the old
>>harness needed to be replaced with a smaller size in order to fit well.

>It looks like just the pump and a hose.
>*** It's not.  You'll also need new seals for all connections,

There is no problem with needing "new" seals--IIRC, the old seals
(for the top-side connections) were perfectly reusable, and
connection to the new (slim) pump requires no seals at all. Oh, you
do need a new 3/4" hose-clamp.

>a new plastic housing that the newer-style/narrower pump fits
>into (The Family Album for the 200 says to use a plastic bushing
>to fit the newer pump into the original housing, but that is
>INCORRECT. Follow the V8 section of the Album if you're going
>to convert (i.e. don't use the bushing; instead, replace the
>entire housing with the one from the dealer for the smaller

Do you mean that it's "INCORRECT" to use the "spring pin adapter"
(p/n 441 201 791)?? Whether it's listed in the V8 or the 200 section
matters not a whit--just make sure to use the correct part number
that is specified in my write-up. BTW, what advantage would there be
in replacing the entire housing? You--at one time--indicated a worry
that the pump would somehow come loose and fall out of the spring-pin
adapter. If that's your concern, I think it's totally unwarranted.

>.... the check valve? Does it come with the pump
>*** no ***
>or is it external to the tank?
>*** no; it screws onto the top of the banjo fitting that fits
>onto the top of the old-style pump *** (and I vaguely recall
>that some piece of Audi documentation says it's not necessary
>any longer, but I don't recall any mention of what to replace
>it with to hold the banjo fitting onto the pump.)

You appear to have forgotten that with the new (43mm) Bosch pump,
there is _no_ banjo fitting at all. The hose slides over a nipple and
is secured by a plain, ol' ss clamp. The check valve is now internal
to the pump.

>I did my fuel pump last year and if I had to do it over again,
>I'd buy a new original-style pump from Rod @ Parts Connection
>or Scott at SJM.  It's way less expensive than all the parts
>necessary to correctly convert to the new pump.  One source
>had the old pump for only a few dollars more than the newer
>one (read without including the cost of the additional parts
>required to convert to the new one).

You may be right about using the old style pump, if available. When I
decided to use the new pump it was based on the hope that it would be
more reliable (i.e., long-lived) than the old style. BTW, those two
"extra" parts specified for the new (43 mm) pump, cost me $48 plus
shipping (from Carlsen Audi). Of that total, the hose itself was $41,
and it is probably not absolutely required if the old hose is re-used
(I'm told you could just cut off its banjo fitting and clamp it to
the new pump).

>PPS: The fuel pump writeup at Chris' site is helpful but not
>fully correct, with all due respect.  I owe the list a full
>writeup on all these details when I get around to it.

Please do "get around to it" as we all (I, especially) would like to
know how (or if) the write-up is not correct. From what you've
written so far, it sounds as though we could be talking about
different "slim" pumps. There is a Pierburg version, isn't there?


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