Fuel Pump time

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 1 18:52:20 EDT 2003

One of the few 200 threads I am qualified to comment on after discussing
some of the finer points with SJM.  I would seem to me that replacing with
the original would be easiest.  SJM has said they have been superceded and I
didn't care to hunt one down.  The R&R is outlined on his site so I felt
very comfy getting all the materials there.  One hesitation was the lack of
the removal tool.  It turns out I had two, one at the end on each arm!  The
pump holder can be looked as as a large castellated nut, ala the bottom of a
ball joint through which you put a cotter pin.  The ring lock is not
particulalry "positive" and is more of a detent.   If you need more leverage
than hand strength you can lay a screwdriver of appropriate lenth throught
the castellations and torque.  About 1/2 inch movement is all that is
The new pump slides into the pin adapter.  The adapter has a seat so the
pump can not fall out through the bottom.  The original filter screen also
surrounds the pin adapter on the bottom and provides redundant filtration
and security.  The pin adapter positively locks into the old housing which
is then inserted back into the tank mounted holder.  My only reservation
comes with the "lock pins" on the pin adapter that are shown on the SJM site
to hold the adapter/pump from falling down.  It already has two such
devices.  In fact there is nothing to keep the pump from coming straight
"up" out of the adapter short of gravity and the fuel hose between the pump
and the tank outlet.  the new pump is 100% smooth with no nooks or crannies
on the body that lock into corresponding parts of the adpter.  On reinstall
I could slide the pump directly out of all the contraptions!  It didn't
strike me till after I filled the tank that the "locking pins" shown on the
SJM site probably should be bent inwards over the pump vs outwards over the
adapter. Car runs fine and I will address this when the tank empties.  All
said I was in and out in under an hour.  One of those hour long job that
really is!


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