driver's stuck window

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Sat Aug 2 16:45:56 EDT 2003

At 7:41 AM -0600 8/1/03, Lou.Martin at wrote:
>The switch and motor works, but the window only goes up and down about 2
>inches from the sill.  I was able to raise it 1/2 way this morning after
>pulling on it while pressing the switch.  I heard grinding noises, so I
>think its a mechanical problem.  Work on it tonight with Bentley's aid, but
>any assistance would be appreciated.
>Anyone have an assembly I'll probably need?  Home/weekend email is
>lou.martin46 at

It's possible that what you've encountered is a broken tab on the
"pivot-arm" portion of the regulator assembly. This arm is what the
cable forces to travel up&down, and it carries the attached window
along for the ride. The pivot-arm is connected (crimped) to the cable
by a tab (of pot-metal), which seems to be prone to break off after
10 yrs or so. The only repair (short of replacing the entire
regulator) is a procedure outlined in the Bentley that uses a couple
of modified "swivel pins" that are clamped onto the cable (one above
and one below the pivot arm). These pins--with p/n 111129921--can be
obtained from a VW dealer. A search in the 200q20v list's archives
under "swivel pin" should bring up a number of posts from last year,
when I did this repair on my car. The window is still working, after
about 18 months. Let me know if you need more info on this particular

Or, your problem could be something completely different--many
failure modes are possible. BTW, the swivel-pin repair method is
moderately time consuming and requires nearly as much effort at door
disassembly as a complete replacement of the window regulator (or so
I'm told). Of course the swivel pins cost just a few bucks.



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