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Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Sun Aug 3 02:18:42 EDT 2003

My hydraulic flush went smoothly a few weeks back when I finally
installed a new (rebuilt) pump, so I thought I'd pass along some
instructions to everyone.  This is basically what someone on the
list recommended but I added the parts required and results.

First put the front of the car onto jack stands to allow for
rapid turning of the steering wheel (and to fit a bucket

Remove, wash and dry the reservoir and supply line to the pump
(I let them dry overnight).  While it is removed, put barbed
elbows on each of the three return lines and run vinyl tubing
from each down into a clean bucket under the car.  (Two of the
elbows were 5/16" and one was 3/8; tubing sizes matched, of
course.)  Plug the three return-line nipples on the reservoir
with vacuum caps (again, same sizes) and install it.

Then fill the reservoir, get in, start the car, turn the steering
wheel rapidly through a full cycle twice, and stop the engine.

To my surprise, in the ~ 5 seconds it took to cycle the steering
twice, the reservoir was almost empty.  I hadn't realized so much
fluid would be pumped so quickly.

Refill and repeat two or three times, noting that plenty of fluid
is visible in the clear vinyl tubing and in the bucket.  Then
remove the elbows, carefully remove the vacuum caps, put the
return lines on, and top off the reservoir.  I put a lid on the
2 gallon bucket (available from some paint stores) and I'm letting
it settle to reuse the Pentosin, hopefully.

What came out was a combination of expected microscopic black
particles and unexpected larger (but still very small) silver
colored boogers that reflected brightly when looking into the
bucket witn a light. I hope it all settles out over some weeks
or months.

The elbows and vacuum caps were available from an auto parts
store; the tubing was from a hardware store. I started with
3+ litres of Pentosin and used 2+ of it, and I hope to rebottle
what's in the bucket for future use.

I think that covers everything.

Ukiah, CA

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