Blinking out the CODES...

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Sun Aug 3 12:36:32 EDT 2003

In my case it required removal of the Instrument Cluster. The bulb location
was just empty. Since I was in there fixing the center message display
I replaced a couple of other bulbs, and "added" the CE lamp back.

Any small twelve volt indictor will work. Most LEDs tend to be polarized,
so a simple "grain-o'wheat" 12 volt lamp is a no-brainer to hook up.

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>  Just curious.......why not make the C/E lamp operational? The wiring is
> already installed in the car and its as simple as locating the two halves
of a
> plug and connecting them. (assuming someone hasnt swiped the C/E bulb to
> another position elsewhere in the I/C)
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