Blinking out the CODES...

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Aug 3 12:52:33 EDT 2003

At 8:49 AM -0400 8/3/03, DasWolfen at wrote:

>  Just curious.......why not make the C/E lamp operational? The wiring is
>already installed in the car and its as simple as locating the two halves of a
>plug and connecting them. (assuming someone hasnt swiped the C/E
>bulb to replace
>another position elsewhere in the I/C)

There's no bulb there, just the space.  I stole the bulb from the
door-open light, since I'm smart enough to know when the door's open.
It's all a question of how much effort you want to go to, since
removing the dash cluster is a royal PITA(well, more accurately,
re-installing it is a PITA).

FYI, if you have an IA ECU, you can expect to have that bulb lit up
all the time, since ned's mods throws a checksum error in most
200q20v ecus.

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