Testing intake for boost leaks.

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Aug 3 13:55:04 EDT 2003

At 12:02 PM -0400 8/3/03, Tom Mullane wrote:

>Several posts in the archives mention blocking the crank vent prior to
>pressurizing; how/where is this done?

I don't block it, because you don't find out about leaks like the two
you found just now.  They ARE part of the intake/vacuum system.

>   Is the pressure leakage from the crankcase pressure regulator valve normal?


>   The leakage is from where the
>"lid" is joined to the base.  Since this vent should be blocked anyway, do
>these leaks affect boost?  (I'm guessing "yes" here.)

They allow a lot of unmetered air in, especially if your air filter
is getting past due...and this will screw up your mixture and cause
poor running.

By the way, that valve flows air no matter what- it never completely
isolates the crankcase from the intake system.

When you replace the crankcase breather hose, don't forget to
transfer the copper flame arrestor in the top by the valve.

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