149 ft lbs + 1/4 turn + 3/8" drive = snap!

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Sun Aug 3 16:35:40 EDT 2003

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>>  Can anyone recommend a tool for torquing (sp?) front hub bolts
>>  when the bold head has a 17mm female hex instead of the original
>>  27mm male hex?
>The new bolt isnt intended to replace the old one. Its purpose is to drive
>the axle shaft out of the joint.

Have to disagree with you there- someone lost(!) a new-style bolt off
their car in the staging area.

Having personally checked at least 50-60 Audis, I can tell you that
just about any post-1995(or thereabouts, maybe a year or two later)
Audi or VW has the new-style bolt.  However, three professional
mechanics at the event independently stated that the new bolt is ALSO
retrofitted onto older vehicles if they have any work done there- and
that we should check EVERY Audi, new or old(we did).

Curious thing was that we never did find the 'donor' vehicle, despite
several PA announcements, classroom announcements, and at least two
checks of the pits...

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