Alternator Issue - Update

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sun Aug 3 15:57:20 EDT 2003

Original post included below for reference.

I replaced the alternator - rather the shop did - I couldn't get the top two
bolts out. They ended up breaking one off and had to drill/sleeve.
The new alternator fixed the problem of the brake and battery dash lights
being dimmly lit. I still only get about 10.9v on the CC head when the A/C
is on, battery reads 13.5. With just the heater fan on, CC reads 12.3 -
battery reads 13.7 and with just the engine running, CC reads 13.6 and
battery reads 13.8. At present, I am not going to worry too much about the
mis-readings on the CC head. The dash gauge reads just shy of 12 when the CC
reads 10.9 and battery reads 13.5.

Thanks to all the replied.

mike miller
helmville mt

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> I'm seeing the red indicator lights for battery and brake  dimmly light up
> when drivingor I put the car under an electrical load. The Alternator is
> putting out over 14v on the Climate Control Head, at the battery post
> the hood and at the battery. Driving down the road, the CC Head reads
> 13.5 -> 14v, until the fan comes on - then it drops to about 12.2. If I
> on the A/C, I only get about 10.9v on the CC head, but I still see over
> at the battery.
> Any ideas? I've checked and the belt is tight.
> thanks,
> mike miller
> helmville mt

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