Noise From New Radiator Fan Motor

BriceW at BriceW at
Mon Aug 4 03:27:23 EDT 2003

I got a new radiator fan from Blau last week.
Part no. 443 959 455E. It was a brand new 4 blade. The part no. on our
car is 443 959 455N with the 7 blade.                 I got it for
$185.00 total shipped with the 2% internet discount and free shipping.
Rod at TPC said to jump on it as the price from themis $279.00 plus
shipping for the 4 blade and around (I dont exactly remember)$370.00 for
the 7 blade.
My old fan was working so I bought this strictly for preventive
maitenance and to jump on a great price.
Blau has went through radical quality control changes and the service
has been 1st class. The previous orders on on cooling hose kits,
radiator mounts, etc. have been corrected with the right OEM parts
shipped to me Fed Ex followed up with emails and phone calls to see if I
am satisfied and if I have any questions. I am impressed.
Anyway, I got the radiator fan which was brand new and was the last one
they had on the shelf.  By the mfg. date it could have set in the
wholesalers or Blaus shelf for awhile. It was a few years back.
I first removed the 7 blade from my old motor. It took me awhile to
figure out it was left handed threads and I had to go backwards. I was
getting ready to loosen the loctite with a propane. Duh!
I got the new motor in with the old 7 blade attached.
I started up the car with the AC on and the fan motor made a noise for a
few minutes. It wasnt quite a squeeling sound  but in the same family.
Then the noise stopped and I havent heard it since.
My question is when you start a new motor at full speed that has been
sitting on the shelf for a few years is it normal to hear some kind of
noise when you first start it up???
I attached the 4 blade to my old motor. I shook my old motor and back
dust just keeps coming out of the 2 holes shaking it upside down. I kept
shaking it and more black dust would come out. I finally got bored and
quit shaking it as Im sure I could have shook it for a long while and
got more black dust.
Is this normal for a 13 year old fan motor?
My fan relays were very very hot to touch before I put new ones in.
Could the condition of my old motor have caused that? My old motor
worked fine but was it overheating the relays and was the motor ready to

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