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>Subject: Samco GP (S4/S6 200-20v) Update
>Hi Y'all,
>This is just a reminder that there is a current group purchase for Samco
>hoses for urS4/S6 and the 200-20 valve.    At present there are 10
>purchasers listed on the ECS website.  We need 20 for the GP to reach its
>maximum discount of 22.5%.  I'm not positive that this listing is correct
>since it does not seem to include include my order which was placed as the
>very first order for the GP.
>Anyway, this post is to remind you that the GP is ON and that it is time to
>get your orders placed.  Call 800-924-5172 to place your order - BE SURE TO
>MENTION THAT YOUR ORDER IS PART OF THE GP so that you will get the
>discounted group pricing.  You will need to give your credit card
>information and your selection of items you want to purchase.  Your card
>will not be charged until the items are shipped.
>You may also order on-line or via email if you prefer.  Again - be sure to
>mention that your order is to be part of the Samco GP.
>Normal retail price when buying all three hoses for the S4/S6 series: $360.00
>Count   Price
>5-10    $330.00 - 8% discount
>10-15   $310.00 - 14% discount
>15-20   $290.00 - 19% discount
>20-30   $279.00 - 23% discount
>200-20 valve hoses are to be included in the order count and these hoses
>will be priced with the same percentage discount that the S4/S6 hoses are
>  From ECS:
>Pricing & a name list will be posted on our ECS forums. The link to the
>Forums is here
>Also if they would like to place the order on-line that is also available,
>have them following the directions here
>Also I have started to place pics of the hoses kits & separate hoses, you
>can view the pics along with a direct link for ordering the hoses here
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