Power supply to intake temp sensor

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 08:25:54 EDT 2003

Are you getting an error code for the sensor?
I recently traced an error code to a broken solder/
weld where the wire leads attach to the sensor.
Exactly as described by SJM.  The contact was
intermittent so the first time I checked with a meter
it ohmed good.  Need to wiggle the sensor wire tail
a bit to insure it has good integrity.  The sensor
is just  2-wire, it is powered and sensed by the ECU
You can and should ohm out the sensor connections
at the ECU connector.  SJM has a good writeup on
this, and Bentley also describes the procedure, just
find the section for troubleshooting the sensor error
Matt Rooke

--- Derek Pulvino <dbpulvino at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Before I spend an hour digging through some
> schematics, can anybody direct
> me to the above listed location?
> Was going to measure continuity at the ECU
> connector, and then realized that
> there's only one temp sensor connection at the
> ecu...so power's got to come
> from somewhere else and not to easy to measure
> continuity on an uncompleted
> circuit.  Thinking this is a bad connection
> somewhere as resistance at the
> resistor, and at the connection side of the sensor
> is always spot on.
> Derek P
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