suspect fuel filter or pump

Archibald, Jon Jarchibald at
Wed Aug 6 12:09:25 EDT 2003

Sounds a LOT like a clogged fuel filter, change it asap, work from
there. Fuel pumps either work or don't IME, in other words, if the fuel
pump was dead, you would not be able to start it at all, period. Might
possibly be a fuel pressure issue (bad fuel pressure regulator), but I'd
go with fuel filter since you should change it at least once a year

Jon Archibald

Message: 2
From: Lou.Martin at
To: 200q20v at
Subject: suspect fuel filter or pump
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 09:10:18 -0600

Got stranded on the way home last night; lost power, engine quit,
electrics ok, tried starting - fired up but quit.  Towed it home, tried
starting - fired up for couple of seconds, then quit.  Put it out of
mind for the night (too many problems cropping up recently).

I'll consult the Bentley tonight, but a few hints would be appreciated.
Is there a separate fuel filter?  When does the pump start running,
should I be able to hear it.

Regards, LOU

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