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egbert1323 EGBERT egbert1323 at
Wed Aug 6 18:33:47 EDT 2003

  I have been chasing a leak in the vacuum system for weeks. I found the T
(crankcase breather hose)in the very back of the engine had split below the
hose clamp. Only way to find was pump up with the pressure tester described
by the list and listen and look for soapy bubbles. Car runs so much smoother
now and the cruise started working. Could have jiggled wires or does that T
vacuum go to a cruise component?
  I made a kit of a T, one 90 degree metal elbow made from scrap, one 90
degree adapter 3/4 to 1 1/8 I.D. and got the hoses from autozone by looking
in their moulded radiator hoses. Whole thing cost less than 20 bucks and
have parts left to make several more. Inquire if interested,I'll make you
  I also need to vent frustration with the samco hoses. The clamps I got
with the previous group purchase just don't seem to stay clamped. The
silicon rubber just seems to spurt out from underneath unless everything is
square and lined up.
  I really appreciate the list and what I have learned in the past year.
                        Thanks, Tom
                           Blk/Blk 91 200-20v IA st III+ Bilstein and H&R
201k and rolling

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