Power supply to intake temp sensor

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 7 01:14:35 EDT 2003


Don't you remember those two groups we put everybody into, and that I was in
the one that didn't have a manual and used the list as a surrogate for
thought...ie a second brain if you will...

As it where, I did check the copy of the appropo Bentley page I have (sorry
Chris), and it does have the terminal #'s I was looking for, but not the
voltages.  Also, from Matt's reply, I also found out that since I'd last
printed out the page on the topic from Scott M's site, he had updated it
with these termianl #'s.  I was just going in swinging and using the ECU
connector page I'd printed from Scott's site...and that's where only one
connection is listed for the temp sensor.

...long and short...I just didn't remember using info from the bentley last
time I went down this troubleshooting path, and as such didn't check the

derek p

"Friend, when once a man is launched on such an adventure as this, he must
bid farewell to hopes and fears, othewise death or deliverance will both
come too late to save his honor and his reason."  C.S Lewis

>What are you saving your Bentley for, resale?
> > From: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at hotmail.com>
> > Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 09:50:29 -0700
> > To: matt_20v at yahoo.com, 200q20v at audifans.com
> > Subject: Re: Power supply to intake temp sensor
> >
> > Yes, I've been getting the error code since, well for a long time.  I've
> > checked at the connections on the temp sensor and have not seen any
> > wires.  I had the connector off the ECU a coupe of weeks ago, and then
> > realized that only one connection is listed for the temp sensor at this
> > interface.  I assume this is the output from the resistor.  Not knowing
> > which wire provided the input power to the sensor, I could't think where
> > attach the other connection on the ohm meter.  You're saying that power
> > supplied to the temp sensor from the ECU, but from which connection?  Is
> > there one catch all power supply wire?
> >
> > Also, anybody know what the input voltage to the sensor is supposed to
> >
> > Derek P
> >
> >> Are you getting an error code for the sensor?
> >> I recently traced an error code to a broken solder/
> >> weld where the wire leads attach to the sensor.

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