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Chris Payne cbpldc at
Thu Aug 7 07:33:45 EDT 2003

You know Michael and I want one, right?  I have no idead why your cruise st=
arted working, cause after thouroghly going through the cruise on a 1990, t=
his makes absolutely no sense.  I'm glad it's working for you, though.


--- "egbert1323 EGBERT" <egbert1323 at> wrote:
>  I have been chasing a leak in the vacuum system for weeks. I found the T
>(crankcase breather hose)in the very back of the engine had split below the
>hose clamp. Only way to find was pump up with the pressure tester described
>by the list and listen and look for soapy bubbles. Car runs so much smooth=
>now and the cruise started working. Could have jiggled wires or does that T
>vacuum go to a cruise component?
>  I made a kit of a T, one 90 degree metal elbow made from scrap, one 90
>degree adapter 3/4 to 1 1/8 I.D. and got the hoses from autozone by looking
>in their moulded radiator hoses. Whole thing cost less than 20 bucks and
>have parts left to make several more. Inquire if interested,I'll make you
>  I also need to vent frustration with the samco hoses. The clamps I got
>with the previous group purchase just don't seem to stay clamped. The
>silicon rubber just seems to spurt out from underneath unless everything is
>square and lined up.
>  I really appreciate the list and what I have learned in the past year.
>                        Thanks, Tom
>                           Blk/Blk 91 200-20v IA st III+ Bilstein and H&R
>201k and rolling
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