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I certainly have to agree with you there.  I've got 2 20V's and one has G60=
's, and the other has UFO's.  Just wondering if it might be a more economic=
al solution, but since you've got fresh rotors, I wouldn't even consider th=
e swap.  I don't have any, but good luck on finding one.


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He has a perfect set of UFO rotors and little money as a college
student. UFO struts aren't exactly highly coveted. I have 2 1990 model
V8s - one with and one without the G60s - and a '92 with  Brembo
crossdrilled rotors, stainless braided lines and KVR pads. Neither stops
as well as my UFO car. Now if you wanted to do a quantum leap to
Wilwoods/Colemans or 993 calipers w/A8 rotors you're talking a different
In my opinion G60s are simply not up to the task of adequately stopping
the weight of a V8.

Chris Payne wrote:

>Have you thought about converting to G60's?
>--- David Head <v8q at> wrote:
>>Anyone got a UFO strut assembly hanging around they don't need? Son 2
>>the college kid needs one for his 91 V8. He don't have a lot of cash,
>>but he's 2 degrees out on a stock suspension.
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