Low Pressure Port

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 8 15:10:28 EDT 2003

the LP port is on the compressor itsellf, the long hose that snakes thru the
bay is the lp hose, it connects to the compressor on a box shaped
protrusion, on the front of this box is a plastic cap that looks like a tire
valve cover, unscrew this and that's the port.  If it is the size of a tire
valve (schrader) then it is R-12, if it is about twice the diameter it is
R-134 (retrofitted).  If you need a top off I am not sure you can get R-12
(unless you know someone), R-134 is readily available as are retrofit kits
(20$) plus what ever work goes along with cleaning the system.

good luck!

Joshua Cummings
91 200 Avant
Woods Hole MA

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