Fuel or Ignition problem

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Aug 9 00:48:29 EDT 2003

>At 9:26 PM -0400 8/8/03, Michael Stricker wrote:
>Hi,  I'll throw out the symptoms first and hoefully someone can give
>me a bit of insight.
>Car starts pretty easy first thing in the morning, within a few
>minutes of being shut down, or after several hours of being shut
>down.  Otherwise I have to crank it several times, turn it off and
>then try again.  It usually fires right up after this is done once
>or twice.

The starting problem is most likely caused by a defective (leaking)
fuel-pump check valve. Replace the valve . Many recent posts about

As to your boost problem--??? Sounds somewhat similar to my car's
present situation, and since I haven't yet come up with a solution
for myself, I'm afraid I can't offer you much advice. A new fuel
filter was going to be next on _my_ to-do list. Have you checked out
the wastegate frequency valve? If the WGFV is defective, it could
limit you to about 1.3 bar, but I'd expect you ought to be able to
reach that in any gear. Have you checked for IC and intake manifold
air leaks--hoses and clamps, etc?


>Once the car is running it pulls very nicely in first and second
>gear making 1.3, perhaps 1.4 bar on the built in boost gage.  Once I
>hit third gear, it feels like it is starved for gas at above 1 bar.
>If I back out of the boost, it accelerates fine and one would never
>suspect anything was wrong.  The same is true for 4th and 5th gear.
>Reading previous postings, I decided to put a new fuel filter in and
>run a can or dry gas through the system but it behaves the same.
>This evening I tried pulling fault codes and got none so I
>disconnected the idle switch/pot to inject an error to verify the
>diagnostics were working.  It threw the code 2121 which is what I
>The gas mileage hasn't changed and there are no stored fault codes.
>It seems like a fuel related problem but I'm not sure.  Any help or
>insight will be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance.
>West Hartford, CT
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