CD Changer

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Mon Aug 11 12:08:33 EDT 2003

That's the symptom I've been getting for 6 months or so.
Thanks for the diagnosis.  How is the modulator accessed
and where exactly is it?  I can't find it in the family
album. (And pleeease, Audi Goddess, don't make me remove
the dashboard top to get to the modulator.)

And where did you get a new one and for what price?



PS: Patrick, the usual fix for error E02 is to insert an
empty CD magazine into the changer.  First note (if possible)
which slot the stuck CD came from.  When the stuck one is
unloaded into the magazine it will probably be into a different
slot than the one from where it came.  Let me know if this is
so for you also.  For me it's usually been the first (lowest)
CD unloaded into the second slot.

How long have you been getting this error?  Mine has been
more frequent in recent months.

In my car, the symptom was that the CD would always play OK at
first--for about 5 minutes--then faded out to static. Replaced
the modulator and solved the problem.


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