CD changer question FM modulator

Patrick Yam pkyam at
Mon Aug 11 13:55:53 EDT 2003

OK. I will wait for my Bentley to arrive tomorrow then check out the wiring
It seems like a generic FM modulator should be able to replace the OEM
version if the pinout and wiring is known.
Bitstream is a local ISP in Minneapolis....

Patrick Yam
Minneapolis, MN
'84 4kq
'90 CQ-->//S2conv
'91 200q20v

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> It may be the FM modulator (term?) which sends the line input signal from
> changer to the head unit (tuner) is flaky or the switch (to change
> is going bad?  Loose wire?
> Bitstream = the font company in Cambridge MA?
> -Scott in BOSTON
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> > I noticed that there is an intermittent failure of my Autocheck display.
> > Sometimes when the car is started the display does not show "OK" or any
> > other info like radio stations, but you can see the pixels flickering a
> > like they are energized. Other times when the car is started it displays
> > properly. Any ideas of how to hunt this down?
> >
> > Pat
> >

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