strange turn signal behavior

Brian Link BrianL at
Mon Aug 11 14:31:32 EDT 2003

Check your blinker fluid level...

> Howdy all,
> hope you can help me figure this one out.  Car is a '91 200 20v and
the left
> turn signal has started working intermittently and the problem has
> worse lately.  At first the signal would click twice as fast as usual,
> the lights wouldn't blink.  But lately when I turn on the signal it
> makes an awful buzzing noise and the lights don't blink.  Noise seems
to be
> coming from under or behind the dash.  Maybe a relay?

Yes, relay is making that buzzing sound. But I think problem is not with
relay. "you may have a problem with the turn signal switch assembly" -
read more here :

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