low boost

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Aug 12 15:08:29 EDT 2003

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HI guys-
 yeah I know--yet another low boost post to the list....oh well.  The patie=
nt is an urquattro with totally stock 3B motor, except for a chip upgrade. =
 I live in Denver (~5300ft elev).  My Autometer mechanical boost gauge will=
 only show 15 psi of boost on 3rd gear acceleration runs, and I can see 16 =
psi in 4th--but I should be seeing 18psi +.  I have swapped ecu's with anot=
her chipped known good, WGFV, new BPV (tried 2 separate ones), new vac hose=
s--also pressure tested system, no codes stored, new MFTS.  Due to the moto=
r swap, I'm using a cone filter, however I have made a heat shield to separ=
ate the filter from the turbo.  The one scenario I'm thinking is that maybe=
 my intake temps are too high b/c maybe my shield is too inadequate-so the =
computer is keeping boost low???  For an intercooler I'm using the one that=
 came on European 20V urquattros.

Any other ideas?  I've checked SJM and nothing jumps out at me.  Otherwise =
it runs great--just down on power a bit.


'84 urq 20V


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