MTM visit and drive

Kevin McCalla xamped at
Tue Aug 12 14:52:12 EDT 2003

Hello All, it's not often that I post, but after a
visit to MTM in southern Germany this past week, I
thought I would share some of the experience.  It's a
modest but modern group of buildings which include a
main building and a few large metal garages.  My
German friend and I immediately began the search for
the Audi S1 rally car which we drooled over for about
an hour.  It smelled of gas and metal, and looked as
aggressive sleeping as it does in the rally footage.
Also housed in the same bldg were 2 very nice white
sport quattros (the short ones!!), a couple gutted rs4
project cars, and an old lancia rally car.  In the
shop where all the techs were working on customer
cars, s2's with porsche brakes and 400hp were a
plenty.  One of the head techs, a friend of mine,
arranged to give me a ride in MTM's 600hp RS4 wagon.
The on-ramp to the autobahn consisted of near-redline
shifts, seamlessly pulling me back into the suede
recaros until we were at 310km/h in the left
lane(193mph).  I don't have to say this, but the car
was a dream, huge brakes up front with a very firm but
comfortable suspension.  The driver barely looked 18,
but very successfully races 200+hp vw polos and is
frequently entrusted to drive their Bimoto TT as well
as the S1.  What a great job, and most of the other
techs looked younger than me (24).  I also learned
about a couple mods to the 200 that may interest
someone.  See the next post-  Cheers,

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