200 TQ in Bavaria

Kevin McCalla xamped at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 15:07:38 EDT 2003

A German friend of mine and former rally driver owns
and operates a 200TQ which I drove this past week and
was pretty impressed with.  First of all it has MTM's
software which is no doubt excellent.  More notable is
the suspension setup (recommended by an MTM guy).  It
is sprung with the standard H&R sports, but up front
it has KW struts which are really nice and stiff.  In
the rear are Koni's cranked up to full stiffness
(internal adj.).  The car is VERY well balanced, and
reguardless of tires corners much flatter than mine
(H&R's bil sports).  The stiffness is very agreeable
for me, I wish I had known of them.  Anyhow, on a side
note, he also runs a modified stock exhaust system
with both mufflers eliminated.  The sound is
excellent, signature 5cyl, but not too loud at all,
but I am under 40-  Cheers,

-Kevin McCalla

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