After massive coolant leak, terrible idle, black smoke. solved!!

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No K&N filters here.
I think what might have happened is that after the massive coolant leak some
of the steam might have
gotten inhaled and might have coated the MAF sensor, but it might have been
purely coincidental I don't know.
Because of all this I sure have done a lot of good things to the Avant, and
the engine bay is looking like nearly new!
Right now the sedan is down, because I am using the MAF from it.
Now I am looking for a new or rebuild MAF sensor, but they are not cheap!
The lowest priced one would still be $365.00
from Blau and a 3 week delivery time. Python electronics, who rebuilds them,
does not have one in stock but offered to
rebuild mine, but didn't say a price because they don't do retail. They
referred me to a parts retailer nearby, but after calling them, I got the
feeling this is not really going to be a good deal.
Plan B would be to get it ordered from Germany myself. I am originally from
Holland, and have all my family still there, and
some German connections that would be glad to help me out. MAF sensors are
light weight and easily shipped.
The trick will be, to find the right place to buy it from, in Germany.
This is all still preliminary but I am exploring the idea, and thought I
should post this for any suggestions, and just in case someone else needs
one too.

Thanks, Martin.
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> Great!  I'm not real experienced with MAF's, but I'd
> try cleaning it somehow.  Can someone suggest a good
> way to clean the inside of one?  You wouldn't have a
> K&N in there would you?  The oil can gum up the wires
> on the MAF and cause problems.
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