what are the symptoms of plugged cats?

bill bleiler b_ill78 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 13 06:33:08 EDT 2003

I do see the 1.9 on the dash, but my external boost
gauge that is tapped into the ecu vacume hoses reads
only 15 lbs. I was told that with the aftermarket chip
that the car should be putting out around 18.
Also where abouts is the MFTS and approx how much to
replace it? I need to start trying to fix this car, it
s been way to long since i have had power out of it.
Also does anyone know a good place to take a 200 20v
in SW florida?

Do you see 1.9 bar in the dash display ? Then Motronic
ECU thinks that
have too much boost and tries to lower it. 1.8 bar
limit is for OEM
maybe be different if you are using "tuned" chip.

You know, pressure sensor is located in the Motronic
ECU and then
is passed to dash display.

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