MFTS now: WAS power loss what are symptoms of plugged cats

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Wed Aug 13 14:25:42 EDT 2003

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I echo Phil on disconnecting the MFTS harness to eliminate the low boost
My new to me 3B 200 ran 1.3 ,1.4 boost.  I got 1.5 by disconnecting it but I
think I also made a better electrical connection reconnecting it as now my
temperature gauge works all the time not intermittantly as before.  I must have
vaccuum leaks....
Still have MFTS as spare ~$35.

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> >Also where abouts is the MFTS and approx how much to
> >replace it?
> Don't replace the MFTS until you take the few minutes needed to
> disconnect it. If a defective MFTS is the cause of your power loss,
> pulling the plug will immediately allow the boost to return to normal.

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