won't start

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Aug 13 18:17:53 EDT 2003

Hard to believe there have been no responses to the unofficial Audi
spokesmodel's distress call...

Do you have reason to trust/distrust this particular mechanic? I assume the
car is still with the mechanic since it's not starting. It's cranking,
starter works but engine won't run when key is released? Or "not turning
over" means no noise from starter at all, nothing happens when key is
turned to "start"? (that condition would not be fixed by only a new
distributor, but might be something with starter or ignition switch or even
corroded battery connections) Did the mechanic say *why* he thinks you need
a new distributor, like maybe the original plastic gear has cracked into
pieces or the hall sender's harness connector has fallen off?

What *exactly* happens when the key is turned to "start"?
* Radio still plays, no noise not even a click from starter: bad starter,
solenoid connection or ignition switch
* Radio, lights go out: bad connection to battery, weak battery
* Radio plays, lights don't go out/dim, click from starter: bad/sticky
* Radio plays, lights don't go out/dim, starter spins but doesn't engage
and turn motor: bad starter solenoid
* Radio plays, lights don't go out, starter spins motor but motor doesn't
keep running by itself after key is released: could be lots of things
keeping engine from getting fuel, air, spark at the right time in the right
proportions; timing belt, distributor, various sensors, fuel filter, etc.
Should pull diagnostic codes from computer (did mechanic do this?) to see
if it will tell you what's wrong.

Henry Harper hah at
1991 200 quattro, 119.9k
1988 GTI 16v, 237k

On Tuesday, August 12, 2003 12:33 PM, swedish1 at
[SMTP:swedish1 at] wrote:
> Hey guys
>      I need some advice about my 91 Quattro 20v turbo Audi. I am having
> trouble. The car is not turning over. the windows,radio, etc are working,
> but car  will not start. I've just had a mechanic tell me it is probably
> distributor. He says it is not working and will be several hours labor
> $400 for part...ouch. any suggestions?
> Carol Gaidos
> the unofficial Audi spokesmodel :^)

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