L turn signal intermittent

Jeremiah Curry jercurry at comcast.net
Wed Aug 13 23:25:19 EDT 2003

Thanks to everyone who has replied,

The problem doesn't seem to be wether related, at least not cold weather it
has been happening lately and every day has been 90-100 for the last month
in Salt Lake City.

Does anyone know a good way to tell if it is the switch or the relay without
replacing/fixing one of those parts?

Thanks again,

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Does the problem change/get worse with the weather? I had a similar
problem on my 4kq. The grounds on the rear turn signals were flaky at
best, and had to be cleaned. Rain caused teh problem to get worse,
heat improved things. Once the grounds were repaired, everything
worked normally.


At 11:15 PM -0600 8/10/03, Jeremiah Curry wrote:
>Howdy all,
>hope you can help me figure this one out.  Car is a '91 200 20v and the
>turn signal has started working intermittently and the problem has become
>worse lately.  At first the signal would click twice as fast as usual, but
>the lights wouldn't blink.  But lately when I turn on the signal it just
>makes an awful buzzing noise and the lights don't blink.  Noise seems to be
>coming from under or behind the dash.  Maybe a relay?
>Thanks in advance for the help,

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