Air flow options

Patrick Yam pkyam at
Thu Aug 14 09:27:58 EDT 2003

I'm looking at tuning options for the 3B, and for solid street performance
I've decided that I will most likely upgrade:

Chip & boost sensor
Exhaust manifold + Exhaust
Engine Cooling System

Any suggestions on the chip selection? I'm thinking about going MTM.

Where can I source an RS2 exhaust manifold? What are the costs typically?
Are there any othere options?

Where can I source an RS2 intercooler? Are there any other aftermarket units

Will the increased cooling capacity help protect the engine better with
these upgrades installed? Will it help performance?
Should I also consider an oil cooler?
I am also considering venting the hood to keep engine bay temps down...

What I'm looking to do is make a very daily driveable, close to 300 hp S2
that will be reliable, have a long life and has the option to upgrade futher
if needed. Also would be nice to attend some track events once in a while
and then drive home.

I would be very interested in using aftermarket parts if they have been
proven to be effective and robust. I hope there's some commentary out there,
I'm loving this project.

Patrick Yam
Minneapolis, MN
'84 4kq
'90 CQ-->//S2conv
'91 200q20v

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