MAF Sensor # of wires

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Thu Aug 14 11:20:46 EDT 2003

It has only has one wire. It looks like 3 wires because the wire starts at
the housing and returns to the housing, it is just like a light bulb
filament, and is routed around by the two support braces.
This is the wire that heats up like lightbulb, to create intense heat to
burn off any debris that might have collected on the platinum sensor itself.
There are suspicions that it not always works out that way, and that instead
of burning the stuff, it will melt and bake. This would kind of enamel the
sensor and it becomes inaccurate.

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> Can anyone tell me how many wires should be in the MAF.  Mine has three.
> IF it should be 4 then that is the source of my stumbling bumbling 200
> (hopefully)
> Thanks
> Jeff
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