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whoa... Chuck,  how'd you add an extra 9 valves???

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>   Patrick
> Read this.
> Mihnea is a regular lister that took the time to figure out how these
> cars work and came up with his own chip.
> Chuck Pierce
> 91 200tq 29v Avant
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> I have had the MRC chip set in my 200 20v for about a month now.  This is
> chip set developed by fellow lister Mihnea Cotet
(mik at[1]) and
> my experience with the setup has been very, very positive.
> The car is now a freight train in the city.  I do mostly city driving so I
> very pleased with how the boost develops in the lower gears.  After
dialing in
> the wastegate about 6 turns down, the boost comes on very strong and
> pulls the car around town.  First gear is very "cleaned up," if you will.
> Driving the urS4 and the 200 20v, I always have thought that first petered
> way too early and really didn't have any staying power in accelleration.
> first gear just really "launched" the car forward and required a very
> shift to second.  With the MRC developed chip, first gear adds a lot more.
> Also a benefit in city accelleration is that I can see 21+psi boost in
> gear, which is just awesome!  The car remains very refined in the city
> and this is my favorite part of the chip.
> As through the rest of the rev band, this chip set is very, very linear as
> seen by the "seat of the pants" experience as well as my analog boost
> The boost comes on all the way to full boost every shift very smoothly and
> not choppy.  As stated before, the wastegate dialed in has helped deliver
> boost even quicker (which is fun).
> Freeway driving is a new experience with these chips.  Cruising at highway
> speeds (60mph-70mph) fifth gear is tall enough and the rev is low enough
> the car doesn't creep up in speed.  I have had the creep experience in
> turbo cars when the car is at freeway speeds and not in vacuum, but in
> and you have to watch your speedo.  Not the case here, nor was it an issue
> stock.  I find now that fourth gear is my favorite gear for 60mph-70mph
> rapid boost delivery and one hell of a rapid accelleration to overtake any
> car.  Having the car in fourth gear at these speeds won't rob much gas
> the MRC chips have been developed with fuel economy in mind (I don't know
> the fuel numbers are, and I really don't care so I haven't done any MPG
> efficiency tests).  Also in the city, the car LOVES higher revs than I
used to
> make when stock.  All shifts are now well over 5,000 rpm because there's
> much more power to be had.  Most of my shifts in stock form were around
> 3,000-4000rpm.
> As stated above, I have dialed in the wastegate spring to provide a
> boost delivery, and I think the chip set likes having it dialed in around
> turns.  This is just my opinion and would suggest it to anyone else to
> try it out.  Another issue these chips bring along is a BRAKE requirement!
> have really been using my brakes now to hunker that big car down with all
> more accelleration.  (So, brakes sound like a next project to me:))
> Finally, the reason why I went with these chips is because the developer
> drives a 3B engined quattro.  This was really important because the proper
> research and development went into the chips from someone who has the very
> that I do and who also has the same power/increase/effeciency goals that I
> Also, because the developer is a fellow lister, and an enthusiast,  he has
> proven to provide very, very good customer service that I have suggested
> other non-200 turbo quattro owners.
> These are my thoughts and will provide any specific responses if anyone
> like.  Other than that, Mihnea would be able to handle the rest.
> Happy turboing....
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