After massive coolant leak, terrible idle, black smoke. solved!!

Patrick Anderson patrick.anderson1 at
Thu Aug 14 18:12:50 EDT 2003

I got an RS2 MAF from SJM for less than the stock MAF at other places. Try
him out. Not sure about his price on stock MAF but I am sure it is good.

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> solved!!
> No K&N filters here.
> I think what might have happened is that after the massive coolant leak
> of the steam might have
> gotten inhaled and might have coated the MAF sensor, but it might have
> purely coincidental I don't know.
> Because of all this I sure have done a lot of good things to the Avant,
> the engine bay is looking like nearly new!
> Right now the sedan is down, because I am using the MAF from it.
> Now I am looking for a new or rebuild MAF sensor, but they are not cheap!
> The lowest priced one would still be $365.00
> from Blau and a 3 week delivery time. Python electronics, who rebuilds
> does not have one in stock but offered to
> rebuild mine, but didn't say a price because they don't do retail. They
> referred me to a parts retailer nearby, but after calling them, I got the
> feeling this is not really going to be a good deal.
> Plan B would be to get it ordered from Germany myself. I am originally
> Holland, and have all my family still there, and
> some German connections that would be glad to help me out. MAF sensors are
> light weight and easily shipped.
> The trick will be, to find the right place to buy it from, in Germany.
> This is all still preliminary but I am exploring the idea, and thought I
> should post this for any suggestions, and just in case someone else needs
> one too.
> Thanks, Martin.
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> > Great!  I'm not real experienced with MAF's, but I'd
> > try cleaning it somehow.  Can someone suggest a good
> > way to clean the inside of one?  You wouldn't have a
> > K&N in there would you?  The oil can gum up the wires
> > on the MAF and cause problems.
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