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I can add one to the below:
turn key: Solid CLICK then nothing.
Hydrolock in #5 cylinder from weeping coolant through headgasket while
initially turning over on a weak battery.  (car was parked on work ramp and left for
~two weeks.
To find this problem take a ~22 mm socket and wrench and try and turn crank
bolt, or roll car and let clutch out, if car stops like velcor, its the engine

Weak battery:  click,click, click, click, click = 10 volts. Charge battery.

turn key, engine turn normally and won't start? Check distributor GEAR.
See: <A HREF=""></A>

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Did the mechanic say *why* he thinks you need
a new distributor, like maybe the original plastic gear has cracked into
pieces or the hall sender's harness connector has fallen off?

What *exactly* happens when the key is turned to "start"?
* Radio still plays, no noise not even a click from starter: bad starter,
solenoid connection or ignition switch

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