Stumbling bumbling 91 200

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You should unplug the connector of the MAF sensor and start it again. If
symptoms have nearly disapeared, you
know that is your problem. Somehow if the MAF sensor gets unplugged the ECU
assumes some basic values to keep the car driveable, but if the MAF starts
sending nutty values, the ECU will try to work with them and then it goes
crazy also.
At least this is how I understand it.
 I am sure there are much better and detailed descriptions of the role of
this sensor in the minds of some of the guys
on ths list.

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> Started the car this morning and check engine light came out the
> bicycle.  Upon returning home, started the car and revved a bit and had
> horrible stumbling and cutout.  Car idled rough.  Is this symptomatic of
> MAF problems.  Checked Mockry and Miller sites and it seems so.  Anyone
> comment on these issues.  It ran great until this symptoms of
> problems.  Thanks for your assistance.
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