MRC Chip Feedback

Martin Pajak martin at
Fri Aug 15 07:06:31 EDT 2003

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I have used the chip for few days now and I am very impressed with the
bottom end torque.  Can't comment on high end till I get my intercooler
issue sorted, but I am sure it will be just as nice.
What is even more impressive is the fuel economy.  Compared to Hohenester
chip I had before it is like night and day... the Hohenester chip would do
3/4 tank in 3 days... I have gone 3 days now and only 1/4 of a tank had

I am very happy and would recommend this chipset to anyone.
Mihnea is able to do custom applications as well... you can probably throw
on any combination and he can get you the software and will work with you to
make sure you are happy.... just like I am..

Thanks Mihnea.

Martin Pajak


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