boost vs. a/c?

David Head v8q at
Fri Aug 15 21:26:50 EDT 2003

a vacuum leak in the AC system - usually the recirc vent vacuum motor
hose has fallen off.

Kerry Griffith wrote:

>After another few years of lurking, I've got a question for the collective
>What causes my a/c to blow from the defroster or the footwells under boost
>in 5th gear?
>This manifests when going up hills. As soon as I take my foot off the
>accelerator, the a/c blows from whence it should.
>A possibly related symptom: When warm, the car will stall upon restart w/the
>a/c on. Problem is lessened by starting w/climate control off.
>Hoppen stage 1, RS2 em, 106k
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