Shake, RAttle & Roll

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Sat Aug 16 07:04:48 EDT 2003

Hi Steve,

Q: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
A: Why is top posting frowned upon?

Are you answering a lister's query with this post, or just talking into the
wind?  If the former, where is it, just for my reference?  Lets improve our
communication skills!

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> Subject: Shake, RAttle & Roll
> If you get vibration when you're not braking, it's not your UFOs,
> unless they're out of balance, which is possible but I've never
> heard of it.  (There's prob. some thin wire wound around the
> outside edge of one or a few fins that connect the two friction
> plates of each of your UFOs.  That's from when each was balanced
> at the factory.  I've never heard of one needing rebalancing during
> its life but there's always a first time.)  Anyway, how do you know
> they're in good shape?  Did you actually measure their runout when
> mounted on the car with wheels on and torqued correctly?  That's
> easy to do with a dial indicator and something to hold it to the
> stabilizer bar or equivalent.
> Bentley specifically recommends replacing the ... upper control arm
> bushings (?) ... every ... 45K(?) miles ..., or something like that,
> for UFOmobiles.  See the good book for details, and if it fixes
> your problem, shout hallelulia (to the Audi Gods)!
No, they talk about the front lower inner CA bushing, but I've never found
one bad or being the cause of the usual excessive negative camber.  Further,
on the 44 chassis there is no front upper control arm, only in the rear, and
no UFOs back there.

> Steve
> Ukiah, CA

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