suspect fuel pump on my 91 200q20v

Lou.Martin at Lou.Martin at
Mon Aug 18 08:53:57 EDT 2003

New fuel filter installed, but engine still won't run for more than 1-2
seconds.  Measured 10+ volts at the connector on top of the tank pump
housing, but no pump noises.  I think it's dead.

Tried removing the pump, but if the Bentley detailed the procedure I missed
it.  Removed the wiring harness, the fuel/vent lines, and the metal
retaining ring.  I reached into the tank and felt the pump with attached
hose and wires.  Didn't like sticking my hand in the gas, so removed about 5
gallons with a hand pump.

I think I need to twist the pump to unlock it, but don't want to force the
issue and break something.  CW or CCW and lift?  What's the trick?


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